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About the Rhode Island Society of Environmental Professionals

RISEP is an association of environmental, industrial, and engineering firms organized to promote the advancement of environmental and engineering practitioners to network and discuss regulatory and technical issues that are facing the environmental business community in Rhode Island

The Four Committees of RISEP

RISEP has four standing committees. Ad-hoc committees are formed for specific issues.

The Legislative/Regulatory Committee responsibilities

  • Provides communication channels through which RISEP membership are kept informed of pending or developing State and Federal legislation;

  • Maintains relationships with House and Senate members and committees to gain access/involvement of RISEP in the development of legislation;

  • Reviews and presents comments on pending legislation on behalf of RISEP during hearings and comment periods;

  • Holds forums for educating members of the legislature in environmental issues;

  • Represents RISEP membership on regulatory steering committees;

  • Builds relationships with appropriate regulatory personnel to ensure RISEP involvement in the development of sound regulations;

  • Coordinates with other organizations with similar interests regarding regulatory rule making; and

  • Develops a library of up-to-date regulations and regulatory guidance.

The Business Development Committee responsibilities

  • Arranges occasional social and networking events to encourage productive exchange of marketing information among peers and develop valuable business relationships;

  • Solicits sponsorships to fund RISEP operations and functions, including academic scholarships; and

  • Coordinates with other organizations of common interest to provide opportunities for members to promote business.

The Scholarship Committe responsibilities

  • Develops, publicizes, and administers scholarship process based on available funding; and
    Reviews scholarship applications and awards scholarships.

The Membership Committee responsibilities

  • Promotes RISEP membership to environmental professionals from industry, engineering, academia, the legal community, and environmental services in so as to increase membership; and

  • Maintains a membership directory.

The Education Committee responsibilities

  • Communicates with other Committees to identify important regulatory, technical, or other professional issues in the environmental field; and

  • Organizes professional development, training, or luncheon events that address topics of current importance and interest.

The Website Committee responsibilities

RISEP By-laws.

  • The RISEP Bylaws detail the rules by which RISEP functions and operates.  A copy of the RISEP Bylaws may be downlaoded here.

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