Legislative Affairs Committee


The Legislative Affairs Committee works with regulatory agencies, private industry, and environmental professionals to identify policies and procedures that impact environmental quality in Rhode Island.


RISEP has been instrumental in the development of recent regulations promulgated by RIDEM, including the "Dig and Haul Policy" and the "Agricultural Land Use Policy".


RISEP members are invited to join the Legislative Affairs Committee and add their individual experience and expertise to the next policy issue.


Education Committee


The primary goal of the RISEP Education Committee is to identify and provide relevant continuing professional education appropriate for RISEP’s membership.  RISEP recognizes that individuals that participate in RISEP as representatives of member firms, or as individual members, are environmental professionals, and that a key component of being a professional is to continue learning and developing in (or expanding) your field of practice.  RISEP members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including, but not limited to, environmental consultants, engineers, geologists, attorneys, natural resource specialists, laboratory analytical chemists, geographic information systems specialists and environmental contractors, and so the potential topics may be wide-ranging, but generally would have an environmental theme.


RISEP also would like to be a provider of required continuing education courses to RISEP members who are LSPs, LEPs, PEs, attorneys, PGs, OWTS designers and other licenses or certifications maintained by RISEP members.


The secondary goal of the Education Committee is to offer such courses through RISEP at both a cost that is affordable and competitive with other professional organization providers, but that will also generate income for the RISEP scholarship program


Education Committee goals for Calendar 2016 include:

  • offering at least eight hours of continuing education each spring and fall;
  • surveying members (individuals and firms) to ascertain their desires regarding course topics;
  • working with DEM to identify areas of practice which DEM feels that the quality of practitioners’ work could use improvement; and,
  • discussing with DEM about facilitating/augmenting DEM training on new or changing regulations, specifically the proposed changes to the Hazardous Waste regulations.

Mission Statement

RISEP is an association of environmental, industrial, and engineering firms organized to promote the advancement of environmental and engineering practitioners to network and discuss regulatory and technical issues that are facing the environmental business community in Rhode Island. 

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