About the Rhode Island Society of Environmental Professionals

A Board of Directors, consisting of five to eleven members elected for two-year terms by the general membership, oversees the affairs of RISEP. The Directors, in turn, elect the officers consisting of, at a minimum, Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer for a term of one year.


The Four Committees of RISEP

RISEP has four standing committees. Ad-hoc committees are formed for specific issues.


The Legislative/Regulatory Committee responsibilities:

  • Provides communication channels through which RISEP membership are kept informed of pending or developing State and Federal legislation;
  • Maintains relationships with House and Senate members and committees to gain access/involvement of RISEP in the development of legislation;
  • Reviews and presents comments on pending legislation on behalf of RISEP during hearings and comment periods;
  • Holds forums for educating members of the legislature in environmental issues;
  • Represents RISEP membership on regulatory steering committees;
  • Builds relationships with appropriate regulatory personnel to ensure RISEP involvement in the development of sound regulations;
  • Coordinates with other organizations with similar interests regarding regulatory rule making; and
  • Develops a library of up-to-date regulations and regulatory guidance.


The Business Development Committee responsibilities:

  • Arranges occasional social and networking events to encourage productive exchange of marketing information among peers and develop valuable business relationships;
  • Solicits sponsorships to fund RISEP operations and functions, including academic scholarships; and
  • Coordinates with other organizations of common interest to provide opportunities for members to promote business.


The Scholarship Committe responsibilities:

  • Develops, publicizes, and administers scholarship process based on available funding; and
  • Reviews scholarship applications and awards scholarships.


The Membership Committee responsibilities:

  • Promotes RISEP membership to environmental professionals from industry, engineering, academia, the legal community, and environmental services in so as to increase membership; and
  • Maintains a membership directory.


The Education Committee responsibilities:

  • Communicates with other Committees to identify important regulatory, technical, or other professional issues in the environmental field; and
  • Organizes professional development, training, or luncheon events that address topics of current importance and interest.


The Website Committee responsibilities:


RISEP By-laws.  The RISEP Bylaws detail the rules by which RISEP functions and operates.  A copy of the RISEP Bylaws may be downlaoded here.

RISEP By-laws
RISEP Bylaws.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [688.4 KB]

Proposed Changes to RISEP By-laws (November 22, 2013)

Proposed Change to RISEP By-laws.pdf
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